The 7th CHRM College Annual Talent Summit: “Innovate for Talent Success” – Empowering Change in Future Workforce Strategies


The annual Talent Summit, a flagship event in the CHRM College events calendar, is set to take place in partnership with the alumni association (CHRMAA). The theme for this year’s summit is “Innovate for Talent Success”: Empowering Change in Future Workforce Strategies.
This 4-day Summit, running from November 7th to 11th, aims to enlighten, empower, and equip delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive value in businesses and workplaces, particularly in the realms of talent and human capital management.

Among those who will be present at the summit are DR. AMANI YUDA KOMORA, PHD, MBS, CHRP, Vice Chairperson of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), who will deliver a keynote presentation on “Embedding Innovation and Sustainability in Talent Management: Leading through Change & Uncertainty”; CHRM College Principal, CHRP, Margaret K. Kinyanjui; and the Chair of the CHRM College board, FIHRM George Hapisu.

Additionally, a distinguished lineup of speakers will share their expertise on various topics. This includes CHRIS OTUNDO, CEO of Brighter Monday, Kenya; CHRISTOPHER KARANI, Senior Manager-Resourcing & Talent Management at Safaricom PLC; DR. DIANA OMINDE, Academic Programme Lead & Lecturer at Strathmore University Business School and Director of CXP Consulting Group; MONICAH KIHIA, Group Director of Human Resources & Culture at NCBA; and JULIUS MBURA, a Disability Inclusion Advocate, among others.

“The theme of this year’s Summit, ‘Innovate for Talent Success; Empowering Change in Future Workforce Strategies,’ resonates deeply with the evolving landscape of HR practices. As Talent Management takes center stage in HR discourse, the imperative for change and innovation becomes ever more pressing. The summit’s focus is both timely and crucial, reflecting the dynamic shifts in HR policies and practices, both on a national and global scale,” states DR. AMANI YUDA KOMORA, PHD, MBS, CHRP, Vice Chairperson of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC).

“The prosperity of this summit relies on our collective commitment to fostering the exchange of ideas, exploring innovative strategies, and charting a path towards a brighter and more prosperous future. We convene here not as mere individuals but as a united community of forward-thinking professionals, bound by our unwavering dedication to shaping the future of our organizations and industries,” said the CHRM College Principal, CHRP Margaret K. Kinyanjui.

CHRM College board Chair George Hapisu also emphasized that the core objective of this summit is unmistakably clear: to enlighten, empower, and equip each one of you with the knowledge and skills required to create lasting value within your respective workplaces and businesses, particularly within the realm of talent and human capital. In a world characterized by rapid technological advancements, demographic shifts, and evolving workforce expectations, our capacity to harness and nurture talent stands as the cornerstone of our success.”