The College of Human Resource Management (CHRM) and BrighterMonday and Join Forces to Enhance Opportunities for HR Professionals

CHRP Margaret K. Kinyanjui, CHRM Principal, and Chris Otundo, CEO at BrighterMonday.

Amid Kenya’s pressing youth unemployment, the partnership between BrighterMonday, a leading talent platform, and CHRM, a top HR education institution, is a ray of hope. It bridges academic knowledge and practical experience, offering youth opportunities for HR career growth.

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), the number of jobless persons grew to 2.94 million from 2.89 million last year. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aims to foster knowledge, skills, and career opportunities in a challenging job market. It presents a promising solution to youth unemployment, equipping them with practical skills and industry-relevant expertise for a brighter future.”
The MOU signing ceremony took place on November 1, 2023, at the CHRM main campus, Nairobi. The event marked the beginning of a strategic partnership aimed at empowering HR professionals, students, and job seekers to excel in their careers and make significant contributions to the business world.
The MOU signing ceremony was attended by key representatives from both organizations, including CHRP Margaret K. Kinyanjui, CHRM Principal, and Chris Otundo, CEO at BrighterMonday. The event showcased the mutual dedication of BrighterMonday and CHRM to promoting excellence in education and bridging the gap between academia and the professional world.

The partnership between BrighterMonday Kenya and CHRM is twofold: Firstly, they aim to enhance the curriculum to make it more relevant to industry needs. This means HR students will receive a well-rounded education that includes both theory and practical skills. This will make graduates more employable and help address youth unemployment.
To this, CHRP Margaret Kinyanjui, CHRM Principal, stated, “In the pursuit of excellence in Human Resource Management, collaborative initiatives that pool expertise and resources play a vital role. This partnership between CHRM and BrighterMonday Kenya is a step towards cultivating a skilled and empowered HR community, driving positive change in the world of work”.

The second initiative is professional development for HR experts. They will have access to workshops, webinars, and conferences for ongoing learning. This will keep them updated on the latest trends in their field. These efforts will not only benefit the two organizations but also the broader community by creating a skilled and empowered HR workforce that can positively impact the world of work.

Chris Otundo, CEO of BrighterMonday Kenya, stated, “In the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition and HR management, partnerships that foster knowledge sharing, professional development, and thought leadership are the catalysts of progress. This Memorandum of Understanding signifies our dedication to enhancing the HR community in Kenya and shaping a brighter future for our workforce.”

“This strategic partnership, based on like-minded collaboration, will enhance our potential to drive transformative change. The MOU between CHRM and BrighterMonday Kenya reflects our dedication to advancing HR excellence in Kenya, benefiting both the workforce and organizations”, added Erick Wilson Wafula, Head of Marketing, BrighterMonday East Africa.
The signing of the MOU marks a significant step forward in the journey of BrighterMonday and CHRM towards shaping the future of HR education and practice. Both organizations are eager to leverage their respective strengths to make a lasting impact on the HR landscape.