CHRM Mombasa Centre

The CHRM Mombasa Centre Campus provides students in the coastal region access to CHRM’s diploma and higher diploma programs in human resources and business. Located in the heart of the city at Harbour House on Moi Avenue, the campus opened its doors to meet Mombasa’s demand for quality HR education options.

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Situated near the Indian Ocean shoreline, the Mombasa Centre brings CHRM’s training and curriculum to Kenya’s busy port city. Students from across the Coast Province area take advantage of the chance to earn CHRM qualifications without traveling far from home. The convenient central location allows students to commute easily or even walk to the fifth floor campus site at Harbour House. With its youthful,enterprising student body, the Mombasa Centre Campus contributes an important dimension to CHRM’s national footprint. Its growth mirrors the college’s commitment to nurturing HR talent both in the capital and across Kenya.


Harbour House Building (Opposite Jubilee House)
5th Floor, Moi Avenue

Contacts: Susan Gakuo


CHRM main campus



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    There are many options to getn to the campus.

    Here are some tips for traveling to the CHRM Mombasa Centre Campus:

    • The campus is located in central Mombasa at Harbour House on Moi Avenue, close to major landmarks like Old Town, Fort Jesus, and the harbor.
    • Public transport like matatus and tuk tuks can easily be taken to Moi Avenue. Ask the driver to drop you near Harbour House or Jubilee Insurance building.
    • The campus is walking distance from the central matatu station and bus stands in Mombasa, around 15-20 minutes on foot. Follow directions towards Moi Avenue.
    • For private transport, provide the driver with “Harbour House, Moi Avenue” as the destination. There is street parking available near Harbour House.
    • From the Likoni ferry, take a matatu across the bridge and alight at Digo Road. Walk down Digo Road until you reach Moi Avenue. Turn right and Harbour House will be on your left.
    • Once at Harbour House, take the elevator up to the 5th floor. The CHRM reception is there to welcome students.
    • When commuting, account for Mombasa traffic which can get congested, especially in the afternoon and evening peak times. Leave early to arrive on time.


    Let the reception know if you need help with transportation, parking, or directions for future visits.