Tom U. Kamaliki, MIHRM

Tom U. Kamaliki, MIHRM


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Tom, currently an OD Consultant and Trainer, is an accomplished HR practitioner at Director Level with extensive experience of over 20 years within the international NGO sector and public service. He has wealth of experience with direct oversight of HR function within East Africa while providing technical support to some countries in central, western and southern Africa.

In his role as an HR practitioner and Consultant, Tom has supported various organizations both start-ups and those in operation, to streamline their structures, systems, policies and processes, thus supporting organizational growth to an average of 75%. Tom is also passionate about Talent Acquisition & Development, Strategic Performance Management, Organizational Culture and Employee Engagement, the roles that he performed effectively to an extent of attaining an average of 90% employee retention and employee satisfaction of his leadership of the HR function. Recommendations on Tom’s LinkedIn profile is a living testimony (

Tom is also a professional trainer on HR, Leadership and Governance, a career that
spans over two decades, a career that he started at the College of Human Resources
Management, by then, the Institute of Personnel Management (IPM-Kenya). According
to an objective recommendation on Tom’s LinkedIn by Dorcas Wainaina, former
Executive Director of the Institute of Human Resources Management (IHRM), Tom has
tutored over 60% of the current senior and middle level HR practitioners in Kenya,
including herself.

Tom is a born again Christian , a Pastor , a loving husband, a father and a grandfather , who, due to this background, Tom executes his responsibilities with utmost professionalism, integrity, objectivity , openness and boldness without fear or favor.

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