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Welcome to CHRM


Vision Statement

To be a Centre of  Excellence in Leadership Development, Research, Innovation, and Training.

Mission Statement

To provide quality academic and professional training, promoting excellence in research and integrating learning and innovation.

Our core values are based and built on the Vision and Mission statements and our overall aim is to put our customers (students) first.  We are guided by: 

i. Commitment to excellence: We shall pursue the highest standards in all we do in order to nurture excellence, both professionally and as a community of teachers and scholars. We shall foster a work environment of team building, skills, openness and honest communication with emphasis on quality processes and results. 

ii. Integrity: We shall adhere to the highest integrity standards in all our professional and personal obligations and responsibilities to our students, staff and other stakeholders. CHRM foundation is laid on being ethical in our business conduct. We shall be transparent and accountable to all our stakeholders 

iii. Customer focus: We shall give quality products and services to customers and continuously strive to meet and exceed their expectations. Our principle is ‘customer first’ 

iv. Professionalism: We shall maintain professionalism with up-to-date technology and comply with shared national and international standards and ethics. 

v. Innovation: We shall foster a work environment that promotes and encourages creativity in our processes, leveraging on modern Technology and approached in content delivery and students’ management processes. We shall continually adapt, evolve and change to improve our courses, methodologies and technology in order to be at the forefront of education and training.

1. To develop and maintain professional standards in our processes and operations which are efficient, effective and focused to deliver our mission and in the delivery and implementation of course programs

2. To establish and maintain up to date library resources in all the centers for both educational and professional materials which will include books, journals and online resources;

3. To develop and implement value added course programs that are tailored to suit both the private and public labor markets;

4. To enable students to achieve their full potential by delivering accessible and outstanding education and training;

5. To engage in strategic partnerships to facilitate and enhance the development of provisions and services as well as our graduating students;

6. To maintain long-term financial viability and fully implement agreed framework for the allocation of resources across the Centers and support services including identifying priority areas for investment;

7. To develop and launch an ODeL unit as a business model of reaching out to key prospective students outside out training Centers.