May 21, 2024


CHRM College accredited as official study and exam Centre for ICM

CHRM College is excited to announce its accreditation as an official study and exam Centre for the Institute for Commercial Management. This recognition underscores CHRM College commitment to providing top tier education and professional certification opportunities.

In an ever evolving job market, possessing recognized qualification is vital for career advancement. CHRM College is proud to be a credited study and exam center for the Institute of Commercial Management offering students, globally recognized certifications. “CHRM College becoming an accredited study and exam center for I.C.M is a great step this will diversify our field of studies to offer some of the best business programs internationally recognized. CHRM College is committed in steering professional excellence and with I.C.M on board this has just leveled up.” CHRP Margaret K. Kinyanjui, Principal CHRM College said.

As an accredited I.C.M study and exam Centre, CHRM College will provide comprehensive study programs and facilitate exam studies for ICM programs. Some of the programs include Business law, Commercial management, Corporate policy, Numeracy & statistics and Principles of control amongst others. These programs are designed to equip students with the in demand skills in the business environment. “CHRM College has the best resources including a modern equipped library and by making them an official study and exam Centre we have no doubts that learners will get the best there is and get a friendly environment to study and do the exams”. Mr. Osundwa, Head I.C.M stated.

Imagine getting a certification that opens doors to international career opportunities and sets you apart. With CHRM College as an accredited Centre, students can now pursue their studies with confidence knowing that they are receiving a high standard training. Don’t miss out this credible opportunity to advance your education and career. Enroll in our I.C.M certified programs today and take the first step towards earning a certification that is recognized globally. Visit our website or call 0727792122 to learn more about our programs.

Join us now and take advantage of this exciting new chapter that will propel your career to new heights.

CHRM College Partnership with Mediation Training Institute (M.T.I)

CHRM College proudly announces its strategic partnership with Mediation Training Institute (M.T.I). This collaboration marks a significant milestone, integrating comprehensive mediation training into CHRM College executive training programs and in human resource management education.

In today’s fast-paced working environment, conflict resolution skills are more necessary than ever. Recognizing this need CHRM College has partnered with M.T.I to bring world class mediation training.

This exciting partnership will provide executives with a unique opportunity to acquire invaluable mediation skills. The integration of mediation training is designed to enhance leadership skills, foster a collaborative working environment and boost the overall work performance. This memorandum of understanding (MOU) marks a significant milestone for the College of Human Resource Management. By incorporating mediation studies, we are not only enhancing the training experience but also addressing a crucial need in Kenya’s professional landscape. “Thank You for the opportunity to work together with M.T.I Personally I am a graduate of M.T.I, this is a chance for our learners to partake mediation training from an internationally acclaimed institute and my conviction is that we are doing the right thing.” CHRP Margaret Kinyanjui, Principal CHRM College said.

Imagine a workplace where conflicts are resolved swiftly and amicably leading to improved working dynamics and increased productivity. ”Mediation studies is not only important to everybody but most important to HRs as their work is to solve conflicts, a good HR must be conflict competence it is an additional tool. With M.T.I you will be a certified international mediator, court accredited mediator. Working together with College of Human Resource Management will make the dream come true Join and add value for the peacemakers will be called children of God.” Mr. James Mang`rere, President M.T.I said. With expertise of M.T.I, CHRM College is poised to transform this vision to reality. Our training will offer a holistic approach to leadership ensuring our trainees are not only skilled managers but also adept mediators.

Enroll in the program today and benefit from the mediation training. Visit our website to learn more and secure your place in our upcoming sessions.

For more information please contact 0727792122\0718781513 or visit

Join us in this exciting new chapter and become part of a community dedicated to excellence and innovation. We invite all current and prospective students to explore this exciting new offering. Join us at CHRM College to be at the forefront of professional development in Kenya. Together, we can make a significant impact in the field of mediation